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New ‘Hobbit’ Film Making Moviegoers Sick!

Moviegoers in New Zealand have complained of dizziness & nausea while watching The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The film directed by Peter Jackson is causing the sickness because of the high-speed 3-D technology used to shoot the film. According to reports, some have complained that the high frame rate, which screens at 48 frames per second compared to the traditional 24 frames per second, has resulted in dizziness, nausea and even migraines for some fans, according to The New Zealand Herald.

Jackson himself has said, “48 frames absolutely helps 3D because suddenly you’re removing a substantial amount of the motion blur that you get at 24 . Your eyes get a much smoother experience. Frame rate is a very similar thing to CinemaScope. It’s a choice. It opens up another toolbox for filmmakers.”

At this year’s comic con some fans have complained that the film looked to real, and took away from the product. It will be interesting to see how this effects the overall release of the film and the feedback from fans in theaters.

‘Hobbit’ hits theaters Dec. 14.

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