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Lance Armstrong Admits Doping to Oprah

Lance Armstrong, will sit down for a interview for the first time since all the allegations and the fall out from his cycling doping scandal with the Queen herself, Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah sat down with Lance Armstrong at his Austin, TX home for what she calls a ‘no-holds barred’ interview.  Oprah’s team and Armstrong’s team both agreed to keep details of the interview a big ole secret until the interview aired this Thursday night on her OWN network….. but that didn’t go to well… Because within hours of Oprah leaving Texas…details had already emerged.

While Armstrong, may be facing tons of legal ramifications because of his admission we are sure that his legal team was well aware of the outcome that the interview may have on his fallen career and if he could face jail time and large fines!

The interview has now been extended to a 2 hour interview because Oprah knows the ratings will flow in…

Watch what Oprah had to say about what she is calling one of the biggest interviews of her career!


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