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Apple Introduces ‘iPad Mini’ & More at Today’s Event

Apple announced a few new upgrades and devices today during their Special Event. One of the most notable items is the long awaited iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini set to hit stores as early as next Friday November 2, 2012 but the device has it’s hits and misses. The device is smaller in size and is suppose to be more competition for devices like the Amazon Kindle & the BN Nook, but the price is a total miss.

The iPad Mini will sell as I plan to pre-order my device this coming Friday…but it would have completely took over the tablet market with a price tag of $199 as oppose to the $329 price tag it boast.

Apple also introduced upgrades to some of their other popular devices today.

The New iPad is moving into the 4th Generation and will boast higher/faster speeds and stick with price tag of $499.

The MacBook Pro line will add the Retina Display version to its line for 13′ computer finally after the release a few months ago for the 15′ & 17′ . It will start out at $1699

The iMac Desktop computer was introduced and I must say it completely stole my heart. The device is much thinner and has a variety of different options in regards to the HD, RAM and overall customization. The updated device will start out $1299 and won’t be available until November/Decemeber 2012.

They also updated the Mac Mini device as well which will boast faster speeds and overall experience with a price tag starting at $599.

The overall event was exciting only if you have the money to spend on the products….but the sheer absence of Steve Jobs always makes the the events a lot less interesting.

Check out images and video of the new devices below and head over to to get the specs, release dates and more info on the devices.

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